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‘merica Abroad

Can’t say this Time article is all that surprising. America’s Uneasy Path Abroad in 2015 by Ian Bremmer “U.S. will have the world’s most formidable military for the foreseeable future. Its economy remains the world’s largest, and its recovery will probably gather more steam in 2015. [And] an entrepreneurial culture that celebrates not simply what … Continue reading


The Sliver in Truth

Marching between in-groups and out-groups allows me to experiencing parts of countries and communities that most people don’t. I’ve been here long enough that people feel comfortable around me (and me, them). Yet still view things with the objectiveness of an outsider. However, trying to maintain objectivity can be difficult especially when a person leaves the cloak of … Continue reading

poetry / Politics

Be Still and Know

We are just toddlers compared to history, waddling through a room with barely formed depth perception. And yet with our skulls becoming thicker, and muscles developing quicker we run our plushy carpeted course like warriors. Strong and resilient, but weakness crawls under our skin and has made us soft to the touch. Tendons growing like … Continue reading

morality / Politics

Super Shifts: Superheroes and American Mentality

“The original superman was a bold humanist response to Depression-era fears of runaway scientific advance and soulless industrialism…If the dystopian nightmare visions of the age foresaw a dehumanized, mechanized world, superman offered another possibility: an image of a fiercely human tomorrow that delivered the spectacle of triumphant individualism exercising its sovereignty over the implacable forces … Continue reading


savagery of thought

Generally my body of writing is a mix between experience and interpreting other people’s work. Lately I’ve had less time for this as I’ve been smack dap in the middle of experiencing. Too close to the source to really be able to interpret it with any meaning. It’s drastically more difficult to interpret what is … Continue reading